If people want to visit Dubai decades ago, the most interesting spectacle and tour attractions should be the desert tour. Being in an area of United Arab Emirates is used to be an occasion to enjoy the unique weather as well as the distinctive topography of the area. Yet, Dubai these days offers more different atmosphere, landscape, and things to do. With the rapid development of the area, the emirate is like being magically transformed into a very modern city which becomes the King of Shopping city, flavored with dense high lifestyle circumstances. Since the city has become more vibrant with natives and visitors, there are many new shopping facilities build to satisfy the thirst of millions shopaholic coming to the city every year. There is always a reason to visit Dubai if it comes to the matter of shopping. Are you wondering why things come this way?

There is no more fun for shopping enthusiasts than the shopping festival itself. Dubai has an annual crowded event of the Dubai Shopping Festival. The festival, or also known as DSS by the locals, is the perfect moment for the people in the world to enjoy the craziest discounts, the biggest sale in the entire city, and the most attractive prizes offered in thousands of stores all over Dubai. Not only will the adults enjoy the fun of the sales, the children also have the chance to play and enjoy the kids entertainment and street fairs. The festival becomes merrier with the fireworks performances, cheap food stalls along the main streets, and also the cultural shows by the natives. Surely, there is no bigger shopping festival than DSS, which is held in the beginning of every year (January and February). The other more specific festival for jewellery is the Dubai jewellery week. Famous international brands of jewellery will gather in a bazaar and offer their best products with the best prices for the jewellery enthusiasts all over the world.

The heat of the city may be threatening for some people and most of the visitors will seek a comfortable place to shop. Here they come, tens of shopping malls in Dubai will spoil people with the complete facilities including the fresh, air coditioned-venue. In addition, the shopping malls in Dubai are more than just a place to shop. They are great venues for socializing and spending quality time with people. A shopping mall is usually equipped with cafe, cinema or theatre, art gallery, supermarket, and of course, hundreds of exclusive boutiques from the designer brands to the localities prducts. These facilities are more than enough for amusement and to spend a good time with friends and relatives. The best choices of shopping malls in the city are, for instances, the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, BurJuman Center, and the other malls spread in the entire city.

Visiting Dubai will be nothing without visiting the distinctive style of Middle Eastern bazaar named the souqs. This more traditional version of the shopping mall has been the tradition of the city from a long time ago. Various consumer products are offered in a negotiable price; it means bargaining is part of the life there. Bargaining is like a "must" thing to do when people are coming and shopping in a traditional market like the souq. It is not necessarily a rule for the foreign tourists but also for the local people, who even just want to buy the stainless steel pan. Bargaining half of the price told by the sellers is so normal, and that is when the fun begins. Being persistent is quite needed since it will give a good turnout. Yet, remember that it is not necessary to be so rude; remember to be reasonable and understanding too. The biggest and the most popular souq in Dubai, which also becomes a tourist attraction of the city, is the Dubai Gold Souk. The place will make people protect their eyes because the shiny reflection of thousands jewellery collections will suddenly attack them. Shopping in the souqs of Dubai is really an experience and it is just a charm of Dubai shopping occasion.